Created in Paris region by the two founders, Florin and Ingrid – following their scientific research on the « co–evaluation » strategies (2013, Springer Encyclopedia)  - together with their international team of developers and digital marketing experts, XValuator has generated in just a few weeks an international movement of students, start-ups, smart cities, artists, designers, bloggers ready to turn XValuator into a new digital tool exclusive for this new community: the XValuators.

XValuator's founders and stakeholders offer the unique opportunity to RATE & RANK ALL YOU LIKE on one platform by using this digital toolbox of collaborative evaluation and rankings in real time and together  - with friends, stakeholders, social networks and experts - thanks to XValuator innovative algorithm.

We believe that a better society could emerge if everyone had free access to the wholistic overview provided by the co-evaluated perceived value - resulted from evaluations done on the XValuator platform by different stakeholders and their social networks - of various topics, such as projects, services, ideas. Also, of great importance is the perceived value evolution in real time, the mapping of the contributing XValuators as well as typologies and relationships of XValuators engaged in this responsible democratic activity of co-evaluation.

Join our common goal to provide the XXIst century generations with the innovative digital tool to Co-Evaluate together and in real time for a connected consciousness.

How to better co-evaluate products, services, projects, brands from different points of view such as economic, social and environmental, by integrating all stakeholders' input into a common co-evaluated result.

What does XValuator Offer?
  • OPPORTUNITY to everyone, without discrimination, to co-construct the trust and reputation of various projects, products, services, brands, etc.

  • INTEGRATION of more stakeholders' opinions in the process of “co-evaluation” while reducing the costs and the time;
  • REDUCED COSTS and TIME for start-ups in their efforts to ensure a strong base of clients and partners;
  • MORE PERTINENT RESULTS thanks to a cummulative, common one, rather than different results, potential opposing opinions and thus potential blocking decisions;

  • A SOCIAL INNOVATION that constructs common results from different or even opposed contributions.

More about XValuator

XValuator responds to the present evaluation crisis, when experts might contradict each other and when the need to collaborate and integrate different opinions is essential in order to build trust by better understanding the evolutions of the Perceived Value.


XValuator is used to convince investors and banks of the importance of competitive projects, products, services but also to support their constant improvement.


XValuator is the online tool box offering professionals and non-professionals the opportunity to contribute to the democratic process of co-evaluation in REAL TIME and TOGETHER for constructing a common result: the XVALUE,  representing the Perceived Value in constant evolution and according to society dynamics.

XValuate by integrating all stakeholders' evaluations and inputs into a common, coevaluated result - the XValue!

Definition of Co-evaluation

Co-evaluation is the real time evaluation strategy together with all the stakeholders without opposing the diversity of opinions but using these differences in order to construct a common result: the Perceived Shared Value considered as pertinent for making decisions for a better 21st century.


The Co-evaluation is a new concept created in 2000 in Paris by the French-Romanian scientists and practitioners Dr. Florin Paun, innovation expert in aerospace sector and Ingrid Vaileanu, economist expert in functional economy.


PAUN, F. (2014), J’innove, donc je suis ! Visionnaires du XXIe siècle. Editions L’Harmattan, p. 27 – 92.

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VAILEANU-PAUN I.: Co-Conception and Entrepreneurial Strategies. In: Carayannis E. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: SpringerReference. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. pp 224-229


Our logo

The XValuator logo, inspired by the VITRUVIAN MAN and representing the perfect relation of the human with his universe, holds the message of XValuator's innovative methodology: in order to construct a better society with better products, services, cities, brands, projects, institutions, companies, we need to offer the right digital tool box for people to be able to contribute in real time and together to the democratic process of “co-evaluation” of the Perceived Value.


When using XValuator, the aim is not to critique but to contribute to the continuous improvement in real time of the products, services, projects, brands, by a better comprehension and consciousness of the impacts perceived by other stakeholders without discrimination and without opposing each other’s opinions and thus blocking decisions.


The Hexagone represents France as a country which gave birth to XValuator by embracing and nourishing the innovative ideas of French and international founders and encouraging this international movement of CONNECTED CONSCIOUSNESS through “co-evaluation” in Real Time and Together for a Better 21st Century.


The colours of XValuator Logo represent the colours of the French flag as XValuator was launched in Paris on the occasion of the Paris Climate Summit in 2015, as an independent contribution of the founders, the team and the first XValuators in the world, to the solutions for the world environmental, economic and social objectives.