International event celebrates father of cybernetics in Paris

XValuator is proud to announce its support for the first Confidence Forum organized recently by international journalists in Paris - see Full Report.

Many personalities were awarded at the event, which aimed to recognize Stefan Odobleja as the father of cybernetics in France, following his book "La Psychologie Consonantiste” published in 1939, almost ten years ahead of American mathematician and philosopher, Norbert Wiener.

Odobleja was a Romanian scientist, one of the precursors of cybernetics who established many of the major themes of cybernetics regarding cybernetics and systems thinking.

European recognition of his contribution to the foundations of cybernetics took place when his paper, "Diversity and Unit in Cybernetics" (presented at the Fourth Congress of Cybernetics and Systems in Amsterdam, August, 1978), was received with great acclaim.

In 1982 a group of scientists established the "Cybernetics Academy "Ştefan Odobleja", a scientific forum registered in Lugano, Switzerland, financed by the Romanian billionaire Prof. Dr. Iosif Constantin Drăgan.

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